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Partial List of PCA Applications by Engine Type

Location: The installations are nationwide, including Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado and California -- including Southern California.

We have never failed to meet permit requirements, and, further, our customers feel our elements have better service life than what they had purchased in the past -- at higher prices.

The quantity of engines using our products varies depending on the model.

Caterpillar: 398TALCR, G398NA, GG3516LE, G3516TALE,,G3606, G3608, G3616 and (MAK) 16cm34g.

Waukesha: H24GSID, F18GSID, P9390GSI, P24GSID, P48GSD, L36GSID, L38GSID, 5790G, 3711, 7042G-GSI-GL-GSIU, 7044GSI-GSIE

White Superior: 16SGTB, 16G825, 6G825Y, 12G825, 8G825

AJAX: DPC2801LE, DPC2802LE, DPC2803LE, DPC2804LE

Ingersol Rand: KVSR Series, KVG Series, PSVG10

Cooper Bessemer: GMVH-12 (both versions), LSVB-20-GDC

Cummins: QSV81, QSK19G, QSK60-G6 (diesel)

Worthington: MLV-10, MLV-14

Clark: TCV series

Miscellaneous: Arrow, GM and Ford

We often supply enclosures and/or combination silencer units. We have our own four-bolt design built to our specifications by contractor. We can work with the silencer manufacturer of your choice. You have your choice of styles, mountings and performance.

You may ask about our design process. Given good engine data from the client or the engine manufacturer, we examine the destruction requirements and match it to a gas hourly space velocity value / residence time at temperature. This gives us the constraints for volume and face area. Then we apply other needs of the job to determine a suitable mechanical configuration for backpressure, life and ease of maintenance.


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