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Dimensions For an Octagonal Catalytic Converter Element

Instructions: Fill in only those parts of the chart that pertain to your application or special needs. Leave the rest blank. Use the text areas for other information needed such as plan and elevation drawings for custom configuration. PCA, Inc. will use its library or industry contacts to determine any other data needed. Once filled in, press the Submit Button. The form will be emailed to us.

When do you need our response?

Place measurements as shown in the diagram



Outside SS Frame Thickness
Foil Thickness (Optional)

Check One:

  CO catalyst (2-way, lean burn)

  NSCR catalyst (3-way, rich burn)

Indicate Location of Lifting Rings
We will locate 1.5" ID half rings in the middle of the side you check
unless you specify otherwise.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H

Explain details of half ring placement:

Include any additional information that may be unique for your converter, etc.

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