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Our Mission
  • To provide the most cost-effective, high quality emissions solutions for reciprocating engines and turbines.  We do this by offering either conventional or innovative custom solutions that achieve customers’ performance and economic goals.  We grow based on the fundamental execution of technical, manufacturing, sales and marketing strategies focused on customer benefit.  

Our Vision
  • Pollution Control Associates is a key resource for air quality improvement based on our technical knowledge and product execution.    We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.  The solutions we provide reflect prudence and provide our customers with a high degree of satisfaction and peace of mind.  

Company Profile

We have dealt with major packagers and mid-stream companies to deliver products that exceeded expectations at excellent prices.  All products are made in the USA.

  • We have experience with reciprocating engines from 250 to 8200 bhp.
  • We can meet any EPA emissions requirements including the most stringent non-attainment and CARB requirements.  All performance is guaranteed for 1-3 years.
  • Our experience spans over 40 years of history using catalysts and silencers for NOx, CO, NMNEHC and formaldehyde reduction. 
  • Choose us as your source for superior catalytic solution.
  • PCA, Inc. offers complete emissions solutions for stationary engines and turbines. Backed by over 40 years of experience, PCA can provide you with comprehensive answers to your emissions and sound attenuation needs. 

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Octagonal Catalytic Worksheet

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